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We provide a well thought out set of courses, with an emphasis on underwater photography. These courses are more than just generic diving or photography courses; they are specifically aimed at improving your photography skills for underwater photography. Once you have mastered your buoyancy with the camera and strobes, you will practice taking photos keeping in mind all the photography theory you learned in the classroom and applying this to the photo you want to take under water. After each photo you will check the outcome on the screen and make any necessary changes to your settings until you have the pefect photo. After each dive we will review your photos with you and discuss possible ways to improve your shots. Usually you will start with macro photography and then move on to wide-angle, but this all depends on your previous experience and comfort level.

Selecting the right course

The photography courses can be tailored to your needs and the time you have available. Please contact us to discuss your options.

We realize that not everyone can take a month out of their schedule for a photography course (although we highly recommend it!), so we are happy to adapt the course schedule to your needs. Maybe you want to focus on macro photography this year and then add the wide-angle part during your next holiday? Or you are having trouble with getting the perfect whaleshark shots? Just get in touch and we will find the right solution for you!

Available Photography courses

All of our photography courses can be tailored to your needs. A comprehensive course can last up to four weeks, here is an example for possible course content:
During the first week all photography theory will be covered. Practice takes place on land without the underwater housing, then with the housing, then in the pool and then finally in the open water. During the second week, you will practice macro photography with different lenses and strobe settings to find the setup which you like best. In the third week we move on to the very different wide-angle photography, where the background lighting comes into play. During the final week, we will review any topics that have come up. Now that your skills are in place, you can focus on other aspects of photography such as composition and taking more artistic shots.

About Gear and Gadgets

Before buying our own gear we do lots, and I mean LOTS, of research. So we have a pretty good overview of cameras, lenses, underwater housings, strobes, diopters, and all kinds of accessories and toys. If you have questions or want help selecting the setup perfect for you, please get in touch. We can chat about options and their pros and cons. We can even help you to make sure you include all the small screws and bolts that are easily overlooked.
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