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Photographer / Instructor
Photographer / Instructor
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About Sibylle

Ever since I got my first (analog) camera at a young age I have been interested in photography, even more so when I started travelling to various places around the world. Then I discovered the underwater world and what started as an interest turned into a passion for underwater photography. Underwater life is absolutely incredible and most people will never get a chance to see and experience it themselves. Through my photography I like to show the amazing creatures that live in the world’s oceans and share this wonderful world with everyone.

Recently I started using video to capture the behavior of underwater creatures as that adds a whole new dimension. Video as well as photography remain a work-in-progress, there's always new things to learn about the behavior of species, photography skills and dive skills.

And one thing to always keep in mind when taking photos: If you think you're close enough, get closer. Looking forward to sharing photos with you, feel free to contact me (contact details behind the picture).

Sibylle's photos

Here is a small selection of my photos, click below to see my complete portfolio with more underwater photos. I hope they will give you a good impression of the amazing underwater world.
Resting turtle in black and white
Small white crab on purple sea pen
Small green fish on green soft coral
Durban dancing shrimp close up
Orange and white nudibranch
Banner fish on blue background
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