Let us join your journey to discover
and capture the underwater world.

Learning, traveling, experiencing with the main focus on underwater photography.

Encounter and photograph
the most amazing species.

See them with your own eyes and come back with photographs to show for it.

Travel to exotic places to enjoy the
local sights and experiences.

We're happy to help you choose beautiful dive destinations for a land-based or liveaboard experience.


Our collection of mostly underwater photos from years of diving and travel around the world. Enjoy some macro and super-macro photos but also admire the wide-angle shots of larger species, schools of fish, and beautiful coral reefs.


Indonesia, Oman, Mozambique - where will your next trip take you? Have a look at our photos from Komodo, Lembeh, Raja Ampat, Musandam, Mozambique, Similan Islands, and many more! If you need travel tips, we're happy to help!

Our photos

This is a small selection of our photographs, click the button to see the complete portfolio.
White crab on purple coral
Banner fish on a blue background
Small fish peeking out over a tunicate
Colourful nudibranch on brown algae covering a shipwreck
Striped pipefish swimming over coral
Whaleshark with its mouth open for feeding
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